Premium Retractable Awnings and Pergola Systems

SH 300 Powered Pergola

More and longer outdoor living revolves around creating a comfortable place where you can fully unwind and enjoy the healthy outdoor air. Let that be one of the assets of a patio roof. The SH300 is an outdoor living pergola with a cover, which slides and folds. For this folding roof, you can choose from a range of durable fabrics, which are resistant to rain, wind and dirt. Unlike other roofs, no slope is required, which ensures a flat and horizontal design. Moreover, the screws are not visible and the water is drained through a connected gutter system towards the poles. You can control this sun- and rain-resistant roof with a remote control or simply with your smartphone. The patio roof can be partially or fully slid open so there is no loss of light in your home. Personalize your pergola with extensive lighting options and built-in screens.

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  • Available in custom widths ranging from 5' to 23'
  • Sliding/Folding roof
  • Premium weather resistant fabric canopy
  • 100% aluminum cabinet with all stainless steel hardware - No Rust! -
  • Sun and rainproof construction
  • Fully customizable
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